My First Publication

The url below is an article that I submitted to my school’s online newspaper site about a topic that I felt passionate about and an issue that has become a real problem in the United States. I feel that it’s important to be well-informed about problems such as this one. You can also comment on here and let me know what you think as well. I would be happy to hear your thoughts!

Hate Crimes Rose 20 Percent in The United States in 2017, FBI Data Says





Hello world!

Welcome to my domain, where I plan to post many different things such as my projects in my CT101 Class at CUNY York College, Journalism articles that I’ve published as a novice journalist, or even updates of my day or how I’m feeling in that very moment. I hope to post often or at LEAST once/twice a day but we all know how hectic and crazy busy life can be sometimes especially considering the fact that I’m a college student who attends full-time and has a part-time job. But I will try my very best to post on here daily.