Memes Art? Uhh… Yes!

In my opinion, I think that memes are art. Art is a way to express yourself, your feelings or your experiences. Why can’t memes be considered art if they are a way for a person to express themselves?Art comes in many different forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, print-making, graffiti and these are just the traditional methods of art.  Art is always evolving and improving just like technology is.

Art shouldn’t be limited into just one form or method. Art can be your therapy or your outlet. I say the quote “Think Outside the Box” can be applied here.

Memes are also a way to tell someone how you’re feeling in pictures instead of having to write it out. The message can be translated by different techniques, which I think that’s where memes come in. I guess memes can be both good and bad for communication but I also think it depends on the type of meme and the message you want to convey. Some memes are hilariously funny while others can be very offensive.

Below are memes I created:



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